Mathematics Classes

Our Online Tuition Classes of Mathematics for K12 Education and other competitive examination is useful for SAT/ACT,  IIT/JEE, NDA Entrnce etc. and many other Examination with School Examinations.

IGCSE / GCSE / IB Dip / Edexcel /AQA / US curriculum

This section involves tutoring K-12 grade Mathematics:

Algebra I & II
Probability & Statistics                           
Fees structure for one to one and Group tutoring:

One to one:- US $ 25.00/hr

Group:- US $ 20.00/hr/head for group of three.   

This section involves the standard and latest syllabus prescribed by the ACT/SAT Exam authority on Mathematics part only.

Fees structure for one to one and Group tutoring:

One to one:- US $ 30.00/hr

Group:- US $ 25.00/hr/head for group of three.  

CBSE / ICSE Indian Boards and IIT/JEE Entrance or NDA Entrance:
The students residing and schooling in India can contact for tutoring charges and other details directly through the web site’s contact page. Students and parents are also welcome to do phone call to me and ask all the details about fees.

CBSE / ICSE International for overseas students :
One to one: US $ 20.00/hr.

Group:- US $ 15.00/hr/head for group of three.

Exam Preparation
This section involves K-12 Maths exam preparation which includes quick concept revision, past paper discussion and practice or as per the student’s requirement for the exam.

Fees structure :

One to one: US $ 30.00/hr — For IGCSE / GCSE / IB Dip /Edexcel/AQA and US curriculum.

One to one: US $ 25.00/hr –For CBSE and ICSE International board.

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Payment: Fees payment for the sessions booked needs to be deposited in advance either through PayPal or Bank Transfer with processing fees to confirm the tutoring hours.

Note: There is no makeup session or rescheduling of confirmed schedule Sessions against cancellation or no-show.  



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