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"Pioneer and special of its kind Online Training & Tuition Classes"

"Ajit Kumar Mishra"
MILT & Founder of Join Study

B.Sc.(Math Hon’s), B.C.A.,
Diploma in Logistics & MMT,
MBA (Logistics)
Member of  “The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport- India”

About Our Classes

Join Study is the pioneer and special of its kind Online Training & Tuition Classes which provide Online Training & Tuition Classes to professionals and students of different parts of the world with an online educational community and social integration platform. In our Join Study community we have internationally recognized and well talented Teachers & Trainers who teach & train students and professionals very tactically and make the path of their success. Professionals & Students may also join counselling session which are provided by our expert members. It makes a path of success for those professionals and students who want to develop their career.

Ajit Kumar Mishra has wide range of experiences as an Online Tutor and Logistics Professionals. He has 9+ years of Online Teaching and 15+ years of Offline Teaching experiences. He has also 17+ years experiences of working as a Logistics Professionals. Due to this wide range of experiences he has founded this online tutoring website and providing online tuition classes for Logistics Management and Mathematics to lot of students from different parts of world. Under his proper guidelines Join Study and students of Join Study both are reaching new goals of success.

As an Online Classroom we are working easily across the country while maintaining a high level of online tutoring services. We have different online classroom which is suitable for every type of students. Lots of our students are doing very well in Entrance Examination , Competitive Examination and all other fields where they are associated.

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